Sigma Phi Lambda

Around this time three years ago, I rushed and joined an amazing Christian sorority that changed my college experience. When I came to Mizzou I was pretty worried about getting lost in the mix of the 34,000+ student body but once I joined this amazing organization, the campus became so small. I started seeing people that I knew as I walked to class (which I thought was unheard of) and it really helped me fall in love with Mizzou all over again.

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I found out about Phi Lamb in a restroom (surprise, surprise) that had a sign posted to the wall about Rush Week. I could only make it to one of the events, but I thought I could go and see what it was all about. As soon as I walked into the room, I saw a girl that went to my high school and began making small talk. We went through the “mock chapter meeting” and I listened to a room full of girls sing Indescribable by Chris Tomlin. It was unreal, to say the least. I had chills and I knew that I had to join this group of women. As the semester progressed, I made lasting friendships and I realized all of the opportunities I now had to serve our campus and be the love of Christ to those around me.

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Three years later, I am still feeling the same enthusiasm and love for this amazing organization that I did on day one. Some of the ladies that played such an integral part in my growth have graduated, but the exciting thing is that we now get to take their place. We get to serve the younger girls, as the older girls once did for us. And I have been so humbled and grown by the Lord during this time. For two years, I served as historian and got to take all of the pictures for Phi Lamb’s scrapbook. Through that, I realized that God gives us all different talents so that we can work together as a body. Some of my sisters can sing, public speak, lead, pray, encourage, make t-shirts, plan events, evangelize, make everyone laugh, etc, etc but I got to serve with my camera and paper (sounds right up my alley, am I right?). Now, I have the honor of being pledge trainer with my bff and roomie (and big), Taylor.  I wanted to serve and pass on the knowledge that my pledge trainers so graciously passed onto me. And you know what, it has been a blessing…I have learned more by leading than I ever expected to.

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With this group of ladies I have laughed, cried, been enouraged, been held accountable, been prayed for, served with, and truly been loved on more than I could have ever thought possible. This is a place where I have met my life-long best friends and a place that connected me to a church that has changed my life. These ladies have taught me so much about being a Godly woman and as a graduating senior, I know that this will be one of my most cherished experiences.

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If you go to Mizzou and want to check us out check out our facebook page for a list of events!

Also, I am a super avid blog reader (especially of my friends), so I thought I’d link to the blogs of some of my Phi Lamb sisters. Follow along with their lives and what God is doing through them. Shoot, you could fill up an RSS feed with all this goodness:For Beautiful FeetWandering Through my Twenty-Somethings | An Acquired Taste | Journey to Love Like I Mean it | My Inspired Adventure | Saltwater Halfy | Emily | Brittany | Linnea | Our Mizzou Phi Lamb Website

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