Get Messy | 013

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Happy get messy day, friends! I am feeling so inspired this week both by the beautiful weather here in the midwest this week and also by the gorgeous creations that my other Get Messy friends are posting. photo IMGP0079_zps04a93333.jpgAfter our amazing photographer gave us our engagement photo gallery this past weekend, I decided to print a few out to use for this week’s pages. I have been trying to add new elements to my pages so when I found some little wood veneer hearts and arrows for a steal at hobby lobby, I just had to buy them and use them all up. I painted them gold and then added a faux wood look to the left-hand page to tie them together. photo IMGP0080_zpsd2b95a35.jpg photo IMGP0081_zpseebbc6ae.jpg

Get Messy is an art journal challenge where a gang of crafty vixens are sharing art journal pages we have created to practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We share our pages without restraint every week, and once a month we create around a prompt. Go check out these crazy talented ladies who are creating pages who each have a unique perspective and style. We will be sharing our work around social media so follow the hashtag #getmessyartjournal.


The Proposal

I mentioned last week that I was CLUELESS about Kevin’s proposal. But that isn’t entirely true. Kevin and I have been together for a little over 4 1/2 years and during that time, we have had plenty of time to talk about the future. I have known that I was going to marry him for quite some time.

But let’s back up. I met Kevin in fifth grade. I don’t remember how it happened but I know we became quick friends. In almost every picture I have from fifth grade camp, various field trips, and our DARE concert, we are standing right next to each other. Sometime during that year, I found out that he liked me. If you would have told me then that 12 years down the road, I would be marrying the cute little boy with the bleached hair, I would have never believed you (I mean, boys were gross).

Fast forward a couple years to eighth grade. The first class we had together since elementary school was Spanish One. GOSH we hated that class, everyone did. We passed notes with a few of our other friends and I got a detention warning for talking…(who’s surprised?!). In high school, we maintained our friendship and talked before we got on the bus, because ours lined up next to each other. A few times before we could drive, we all walked up to B.Halls for lunch when we got let out early. Before our senior year, we decided to do Viking Edge, a program where seniors go into the freshman homeroom classes and help acclimate the newbies into high school. Kevin and I choose the same group and did training together. During the training, we went into the classroom of one of Kevin’s favorite teachers. She asked why Kevin never dated me, WHILE I WAS IN THE ROOM! I guess Kevin got to thinking that it wasn’t such a bad idea because he asked me to be his girlfriend just a few weeks later on a bridge over the Missouri River.

Lucky for us, we decided to go to the same college the following year. During those four years we had an AMAZING time and learned a ton along the way. We took a couple elective classes together, went to the Lake and California together and we had plenty of study dates. Thankfully, we were both able to graduate in four years.

As you might have read, we had a pretty exciting weekend filled with graduations and family parties. My graduation was on Friday and Kevin’s was Sunday. On Saturday, I had planned to go to Taylor’s graduation and then meet up with Kevin at her party afterwards. He mentioned earlier in the week that he wanted to take me out to Boonville to get drinks where it would be less crowded and he asked if I could take some photos of him for his blog. Of course, I was all over it and the chance to get out of Columbia during the graduation madness was the perfect idea.

So after Taylor’s graduation, I headed to meet Kevin at the restaurant where Taylor was having her party. I was wearing a maxi skirt, tank top and jean jacket and he showed up wearing a suit (minus the tie). Of course, I pleaded to go home and change, all the while, questioning why he was so dressed up. He said he was going to take me somewhere nice and because he still wanted pictures. I didn’t think anything of it.

After changing, we headed to Boonville. I asked where we were going and he told me that we were going to walk around for a while and then decide. So we walked. Since I had my camera, I took plenty of pictures. Of him, the flowers, houses, you name it.

 photo IMGP0047_zps9b6772f1.jpgHe asked if I wanted to walk on the bridge over the Missouri river and of course, I agreed! We saw a train coming, so I snapped a few of that, the Katy Bridge and of the gorgeous sunset. photo IMGP0052_zps69a1db43.jpg photo IMGP0050_zps08009e79.jpg photo IMGP0057_zps6d836332.jpgAbout halfway over the bridge, Kevin asked if I would take a few pictures. I said of course, but told him that the background might not be exactly what he was looking for and maybe we should find a brick wall or something with a little color. I took the first one (below) and showed it to him.  photo IMGP0059_zpsdb9b664f.jpg I asked what he thought and he said he wanted more of a head shot. So I hold the camera back up to my face and *within my lens* see him getting down on one knee. I stop (and of course don’t get the picture), he asks me to come closer (I was using my tele), and he asks me to marry him in quite a few more, sweet words. I cry. The happiest tears. In the midst of everything, I apparently took this photo of the ground and my dress. photo IMGP0064_zpsb8c6c0de.jpg

Afterwards, he tells me of the next plan. We walk off the bridge and into this classy little bar and lounge at The Frederick Hotel. A sign behind the bar says, “Congratulations Kevin and Jacqueline!” and a bottle of wine and two glasses are brought to our little table.

 photo CC0F21BE-E4F1-4C32-83E3-8AEDCC1A6874_zpsoq6gmpob.jpg After a glass, we called our parents. Both of his parents and my Dad, knew that he was proposing that night so our Moms, my Dad, and Scott were all together when I called. Denise put the phone on speaker and I got to tell everyone that Kevin had asked me to marry him. It was cool for them to be together and hilarious to hear my Mom find out that she was the only one who didn’t know!  photo IMGP0066_zpsee167032.jpg photo EF565F83-D43D-4B39-944C-57E4ED4ACAC2_zpsrdz3cd57.jpgSoon after, we called Casey and asked if she would take a few pictures of us. We are so thankful for these. photo IMGP0071_zps7bdc59ca.jpg photo E1540AC5-BCA6-4CBC-878F-6E8EF0F7B116_zpsb1ihridk.jpg photo 9E35903F-67E8-4C27-BD4B-54826F3D162C_zps3nedqxa6.jpg


The night could not have been more perfect and I cannot wait to spend forever with the love of my life!

Let Us Be Women Who Love

Let us be women who Love.
Let us be women willing to lay down our sword words, our sharp looks, our ignorant silence and towering stance and fill the earth now with extravagant Love.
Let us be women who Love.
Let us be women who make room.
Let us be women who open our arms and invite others into an honest, spacious, glorious embrace.
Let us be women who carry each other.
Let us be women who give from what we have.
Let us be women who leap to do the difficult things, the unexpected things and the necessary things.
Let us be women who live for Peace.
Let us be women who breathe Hope.
Let us be women who create beauty.
Let us be women who Love.
Let us be a sanctuary where God may dwell.
Let us be a garden for tender souls.
Let us be a table where others may feast on the goodness of God.
Let us be a womb for Life to grow.
Let us be women who Love.
Let us rise to the questions of our time.
Let us speak to the injustices in our world.
Let us move the mountains of fear and intimidation.
Let us shout down the walls that separate and divide.
Let us fill the earth with the fragrance of Love.
Let us be women who Love.
Let us listen for those who have been silenced.
Let us honour those who have been devalued.
Let us say, Enough! with abuse, abandonment, diminishing and hiding.
Let us not rest until every person is free and equal.
Let us be women who Love.
Let us be women who are savvy, smart and wise.
Let us be women who shine with the light of God in us.
Let us be women who take courage and sing the song in our hearts.
Let us be women who say, Yes to the beautiful, unique purpose seeded in our souls.
Let us be women who call out the song in another’s heart.
Let us be women who teach our children to do the same.
Let us be women who Love.
Let us be women who Love, in spite of fear.
Let us be women who Love, in spite of our stories.
Let us be women who Love loudly, beautifully, Divinely.
Let us be women who Love.

Sigma Phi Lambda

Around this time three years ago, I rushed and joined an amazing Christian sorority that changed my college experience. When I came to Mizzou I was pretty worried about getting lost in the mix of the 34,000+ student body but once I joined this amazing organization, the campus became so small. I started seeing people that I knew as I walked to class (which I thought was unheard of) and it really helped me fall in love with Mizzou all over again.

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I found out about Phi Lamb in a restroom (surprise, surprise) that had a sign posted to the wall about Rush Week. I could only make it to one of the events, but I thought I could go and see what it was all about. As soon as I walked into the room, I saw a girl that went to my high school and began making small talk. We went through the “mock chapter meeting” and I listened to a room full of girls sing Indescribable by Chris Tomlin. It was unreal, to say the least. I had chills and I knew that I had to join this group of women. As the semester progressed, I made lasting friendships and I realized all of the opportunities I now had to serve our campus and be the love of Christ to those around me.

 photo 182906_10150101585794222_500549221_5979950_7009370_n_zpse228eb1b.jpg









Three years later, I am still feeling the same enthusiasm and love for this amazing organization that I did on day one. Some of the ladies that played such an integral part in my growth have graduated, but the exciting thing is that we now get to take their place. We get to serve the younger girls, as the older girls once did for us. And I have been so humbled and grown by the Lord during this time. For two years, I served as historian and got to take all of the pictures for Phi Lamb’s scrapbook. Through that, I realized that God gives us all different talents so that we can work together as a body. Some of my sisters can sing, public speak, lead, pray, encourage, make t-shirts, plan events, evangelize, make everyone laugh, etc, etc but I got to serve with my camera and paper (sounds right up my alley, am I right?). Now, I have the honor of being pledge trainer with my bff and roomie (and big), Taylor.  I wanted to serve and pass on the knowledge that my pledge trainers so graciously passed onto me. And you know what, it has been a blessing…I have learned more by leading than I ever expected to.

 photo 1390463_536676843082884_1686975663_n_zpse2ff1707.jpg











With this group of ladies I have laughed, cried, been enouraged, been held accountable, been prayed for, served with, and truly been loved on more than I could have ever thought possible. This is a place where I have met my life-long best friends and a place that connected me to a church that has changed my life. These ladies have taught me so much about being a Godly woman and as a graduating senior, I know that this will be one of my most cherished experiences.

 photo IMGP0098_zps377b1c09.jpg











If you go to Mizzou and want to check us out check out our facebook page for a list of events!

Also, I am a super avid blog reader (especially of my friends), so I thought I’d link to the blogs of some of my Phi Lamb sisters. Follow along with their lives and what God is doing through them. Shoot, you could fill up an RSS feed with all this goodness:For Beautiful FeetWandering Through my Twenty-Somethings | An Acquired Taste | Journey to Love Like I Mean it | My Inspired Adventure | Saltwater Halfy | Emily | Brittany | Linnea | Our Mizzou Phi Lamb Website

Excerpts from my Journal, Part II


I realized at the beginning of college that God had been preparing me for Himself all my life. Little seeds that were slowly but surely being watered and nurtured. Daily He began teaching me who he is and it left me seeking more. In the fall of 2011, I proclaimed myself as a follower of Christ through baptism. It was a take-my-breath-away moment (literally, the water was freezing!) and I began to realize what following Him means.

It means that His grace and mercy are significantly more abundant than my failures. God’s forgiveness doesn’t expire, all I need to do is repent and trust Him. (Ephesians 2:4-9, Acts 3:19, Acts 16:31)

It means that God created me and in His eyes I am absolutely perfect. And nothing can change that. (Psalm 139: 13-16)

It means that He knows me better than I know myself and He has my future figured out, so I don’t have to worry about it. (Matthew 6:25-34, Jeremiah 29:11)

It means that I will find eternal life with God because He sent His son to die on the cross for my sins. (John 3:16, 1 Timothy 1:15)

It means that following Him, serving others, and forgiving won’t be easy but it will bring Him glory, and that is why I am here. (Isaiah 43:6-7, 1 Chronicles 16:23-24, Habakuk 2:14)

It means that He is always with me and apart from Him I can do nothing. (Deuteronomy 31:8, John 15:5)

I am continually in awe of my wonderful Creator. For the hope He gives and the amazing grace that I do not deserve. I am thankful that He always draws me near when life gets tough and that He takes care of my every need.

Merry Christmas

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Thankful to be able to spend today with family, celebrating the most important gift that we were ever given.

Picnic at the Big Tree!

Last Christmas, Kevin gave me a coupon book full of fun dates for us to go on this year! We have already done quite a few, but I really wanted to get in the picnic before it gets too cold. We both had plans this weekend but then when they fell through, we figured this would be the perfect opportunity. He picked me up with a “picnic basket” all prepared with tons of yummy food and then we headed out toward the big tree. He had bread, lunch meat, chips, hummus, drinks-he had thought of everything! It was so awesome. So we sat on the blanket and talked, laughed, and admired the amazing weather. Seriously, I don’t think we could have asked for a nicer day. After, we drove around and explored the area. The trees are starting to change colors now, my absolute favorite. Love love loved this day.

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 photo IMGP0016_zps9eb052d7.jpg photo IMGP0013_zps076378d6.jpg photo IMGP0009_zps7d69f84a.jpg photo IMGP0019_zpsa347fd8a.jpg
 photo IMGP0030_zpsaee5518d.jpg photo IMGP0031_zps899cddc6.jpg photo IMGP0034_zps0c36f605.jpg photo IMGP0040_zpscab7bba9.jpg photo IMGP0051_zps3be9a876.jpg photo IMGP0055_zpsd3b9ebd5.jpg photo IMGP0060_zps8d6b7900.jpg photo IMGP0067_zps4b46c0a0.jpg photo IMGP0070_zps9a04c5c9.jpg photo IMGP0071_zps67e67062.jpg photo IMGP0072_zps76786bc3.jpg photo IMGP0073_zps3c6f634b.jpg