Weekend Wrap Up

obsessed with this weekend.

we got tons of snow ice, which sucked until we took an adventure to pizza hut.

i fell a couple of times, but what else is new?


he’s my favorite and so is this picture.

 photo e5a1db86-a968-447e-9987-759f5e0badc8_zps5bbb2248.png

i slept until noon and then proceeded to take a nap (later on) which is so not like me, but balancing/ice skating is hard work.

later we got some pretty snow to cover up that ice. ideal.

 photo 072A766A-BE23-46F1-94FC-10C6FE376057_zpsojct9oht.jpg

expecting to get more of the white stuff.

mizzou is already cancelled for tomorrow, so that’s fun.

i’ve already started my snow day to-do list full of fun things.

and i’m not even bothering with school because, well, it’s a snow day and it’s going to affect my ability to study/be productive.

i don’t have many of these left, so i’m gonna enjoy it while i can.



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