A Few Changes

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Changes to my little space on the internet have been a long time coming.

I started WithInMyLens over two and a half years ago and from the beginning I tried to have my blog and brand self-titled, but with a name like mine and the internet this many years into existence, it just wasn’t tangible. At that point in my life, I hadn’t thought at all what it would be like to change my brand when I got married because all of that still seemed so far away. But last year, a friend gifted me with a URL that was my first name with Kevin’s last. We weren’t engaged at the time, but it must have been obvious. So I held onto the URL with hopes of being able to use it someday soon.

JacquelineReape.com stayed vacant until earlier this year when Kevin proposed. Then, he helped me turn it into a countdown until the wedding. I thought it was absolutely wonderful but with growing blog goals and the wedding date drawing near, I decided that using it sooner might be the most efficient way to start my tiny business online. I went back and forth between creating a whole new website without my name and using this one but it just didn’t seem practical for me to buy and (have Kevin) create a whole new website just for formality’s sake. Using this URL and a private server will allow me more flexibility and less restrictions, as well as being easier to locate on the internet. All good things when trying to start an online business!

Over the past two and a half years, I have thoroughly enjoyed everything about this space. I have shared everything from the ins and outs of college living to photography to exciting events that were happening in my life. From the first post, I promised myself that I would be real and honest so that this would be a place for me to look back and remember the things that have made me completely happy. I plan on continuing to blog about similar things, but I’m also determined to be step it up and bring my passion to the next level. I am currently working on e-courses, more tutorials and even some products that will be available down the road. My new blog will make it easier to create and share all of that with you, and I am very excited about that. More information on when it will all be available will be coming soon!

If you currently keep up with my posts or would like to start, I would love for you to check out JacquelineReape.com and sign up for my emails by clicking here (when my e-course and products launch, those that receive my emails will get bonuses and special offers!).

Thank you so much for all of the love and support.


Favorite Links

I’m all about finding inspiration and here are some blogs and fun sites I have found myself lately:

KevinReape.com: this is my boyfriend’s blog. He is awesome and an amazing writer; the reason I even started blogging. He writes about fitness/health/marketing/reading. Tons of great stuff, this one and this one are two of my favorites.

X Ray Photography: Laura posted this on my facebook wall earlier this week, and it’s beyond cool. Definitely some photography inspiration.

Inspirational Pictures and Quotes: Pretty cool uses of typography going on along with some of my favorite quotes. I like to look at this when I’m looking for inspiration for trying out new handwritings.

Rainy Cafe: Kevin showed me this awhile back. It’s an ambient noise maker that can sound like rain, a coffee shop or both. You can change the volumes and use headphones so that you have that background noise without the distraction of hearing whole conversations. Definitly a good one to write/blog/study to.

BlogLovin: When I was in the process of looking for more blogs, a friend suggested this one. You can search interests and blogs that write about that topic come up. You can either add them to your feed, or move on. It’s also a good one to add your blog to for more hits if your not already on there!

The Notebook Doodles: Another typography blog.Tons of cute quotes and writing styles.

Alyssa Joy: A christian blog about every topic you can think of. One of my favs.

Brittany Mooney: The blog of one of my sweet friends. She writes about all kinds of things including movie reviews, Jesus, and quotes she loves.

Everyday Elsie: one of the ladies from A Beautiful Mess. I love her personal blog because it has a lot of pictures of her home and of herself. One thing I really want to work on is more pictures of me, so this is where I’m getting my inspiration.

Sierra Shea and Katie Raines: two former sorority sisters who have some great things to say.

So there are some of my favorites that I have been checking in on recently.

Are there any blogs or websites you just can’t get enough of? Do you want your blog to be a part of my next “Favorite Links” post? Leave the URLs below and I’ll check them out!