A Few Changes

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Changes to my little space on the internet have been a long time coming.

I started WithInMyLens over two and a half years ago and from the beginning I tried to have my blog and brand self-titled, but with a name like mine and the internet this many years into existence, it just wasn’t tangible. At that point in my life, I hadn’t thought at all what it would be like to change my brand when I got married because all of that still seemed so far away. But last year, a friend gifted me with a URL that was my first name with Kevin’s last. We weren’t engaged at the time, but it must have been obvious. So I held onto the URL with hopes of being able to use it someday soon.

JacquelineReape.com stayed vacant until earlier this year when Kevin proposed. Then, he helped me turn it into a countdown until the wedding. I thought it was absolutely wonderful but with growing blog goals and the wedding date drawing near, I decided that using it sooner might be the most efficient way to start my tiny business online. I went back and forth between creating a whole new website without my name and using this one but it just didn’t seem practical for me to buy and (have Kevin) create a whole new website just for formality’s sake. Using this URL and a private server will allow me more flexibility and less restrictions, as well as being easier to locate on the internet. All good things when trying to start an online business!

Over the past two and a half years, I have thoroughly enjoyed everything about this space. I have shared everything from the ins and outs of college living to photography to exciting events that were happening in my life. From the first post, I promised myself that I would be real and honest so that this would be a place for me to look back and remember the things that have made me completely happy. I plan on continuing to blog about similar things, but I’m also determined to be step it up and bring my passion to the next level. I am currently working on e-courses, more tutorials and even some products that will be available down the road. My new blog will make it easier to create and share all of that with you, and I am very excited about that. More information on when it will all be available will be coming soon!

If you currently keep up with my posts or would like to start, I would love for you to check out JacquelineReape.com and sign up for my emails by clicking here (when my e-course and products launch, those that receive my emails will get bonuses and special offers!).

Thank you so much for all of the love and support.


Get Messy | 016

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Hello, Get Messy Thursday! I am excited to be posting again after a little lull the past couple weeks. Life has been busy but exciting as there are some changes that are coming to this blog, but for right now they are all still behind the scenes. With my new adventure that is bible journaling, I have been listening to art journaling podcasts, using new supplies and trying techniques that I had never even dreamed of before!

This first page is one that came up by accident. I was trying to get a technique figured out where you mix stamps and spray inks with water to make them spread. I kind of feel like it symbolizes some kind of renewed love for this craft, since it goes from the dark colors to the yellow. I was getting kind of bogged down by posting about my art every week, but now I already have some pages that are ready to go so that I am prepared as the holidays get closer.
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For the second page, I used the Tim Holtz Inks to stamp a circle in three different colors around the page. Then I sprayed water on the whole page and then dryed it with a hair dryer. I might have not been wasn’t patient enough and stamped the “cherish each day” stamp a little too early because it turned out a bit unreadable. OH WELL, the background is the bomb.
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Finally, I used a stencil to pattern the background in three different colors and then I used the stencil alpha by Dear Lizzy to write the word ‘joy’. I spritz the whole thing down to get the color to spread a little. I finished it up by handwriting one of my favorite verses. I totally love how this one turned out.
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Get Messy is an art journal challenge where a gang of crafty vixens are sharing art journal pages we have created to practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We share our pages without restraint every week, and once a month we create around a prompt. Go check out these crazy talented ladies who are creating pages who each have a unique perspective and style. We will be sharing our work around social media so follow the hashtag #getmessyartjournal.

Get Messy | 005

For this post, I followed a prompt revolving around the theme “Who Are You?” We could use anything, except a photo of ourselves. First, I decided to make a collage to get the creativity flowing, for some reason that always helps me. I added my name and sleep right after it, because it’s pretty important.Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosNext, I wrote about my “Where I Stand” pictures. I have pictures all over the place of my feet in all different locations, some by myself and some including the feet of others. I really cherish these pictures and I’d eventually love to dedicate a whole art journal or photo book to all the pictures I have.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosPhotobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosAnd I love photography. And apparently black and white. I love that there are so many photo mediums – the instax camera that I have has been just a blast and such a great conversation piece when I’m out-and-about.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosFinally, this is one of my favorite quotes. I really love the simplicity and waves. I’m not going to lie, I kind of wished that I lived a bit closer to the ocean…I don’t know if you can get much further away than Missouri (ok…that’s probably not true, but it feels like it!).
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Thanks for reading! Here are past installments if you are interested in reading more!

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Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend, I went home to have a mini-girl’s weekend with my Mom. David’s Bridal has been dying for me to pick up my dress, since the beginning of June, so we did that! It was crazy because when we ordered it, they said that it would take 3-4 months to come in and it ended up only taking 10 DAYS, i ‘ m   n o t   e v e n   k i d d i n g. I thought it was going to be a huge rush to find the right one and buy it so that we didn’t have to put a rush on the order, but turns out I have it in my possession and it’s ready to be altered! I cannot wait to actually wear it! photo 1CD9538E-A81D-4618-9379-3097C7479BD7_zpskvotpxsh.jpgI also found an amazing deal on these cool little instax books in various colors at Michael’s – for only $1.49! I have been stalking them online and have yet to find them for under $10, so when I saw this deal I was pumped and bought 8 (which was basically all they had in the colors I liked).  photo 73FD7D2D-3320-4EA9-9223-1F7FF15EB3CB_zpsxebl5iyb.jpgOn Saturday morning, we went for massages and it was pretty heavenly. This picture doesn’t really do it justice but I’d love to decorate our entire (future) house like a spa (everything really plush, neutral, and comfy) so that being at home is a relaxing getaway.  photo 88563842-5E0A-48B4-BDAC-8153621733FC_zpsrqoepsm2.jpgMom and I did a little shopping. I’ve been looking for big girl work clothes for a while…I’m so ready to move on from the college look. And we stopped for cookies! (Guess which one is mine!) photo CEEC28E2-C3E9-4F0B-BB88-F4645DEB9115_zps7uwpprym.jpgHere is the product of the shopping – three pair of work trousers, a nice pair of jeans, and two shirts for under $100. Both the Limited and Loft are having nice sales on these items right now. I super love their quality and fit, but normally not their prices. Sale items are definitely the way to go. photo 9E519C28-BCE9-4D2E-94FA-E59C69DEEF18_zps40diq8d1.jpgOn Sunday, we celebrated this lovely bride-to-be in St. Louis. SO pumped for their wedding and other festivities in less than two weeks! photo A99D44EE-EFFA-4338-93F5-6E0ADDC8FEF3_zpsds7cqbb9.jpgSince I’m obsessed with lighting, I had to grab this picture at the Country Club. The windows are so awesome. photo 50bcd13d-bcf8-4b37-a28e-11c19c7ee6ee_zpsd4ce74b2.pngAnnnnnnd…a sunset picture from last night. photo 5C52C469-DB77-43A6-89EE-0B79969A19D1_zpsnvqccdsp.jpg

Happy Monday, I hope you have a great week!

Weekend Wrap Up

The dreaded weekend before finals actually turned into one of the best weekends of the semester!

 photo 259BC090-7445-4741-9EF2-27604B4CB19A_zpsimfftore.jpg photo 6246CE40-7853-4A1F-BCCC-1C062EBF362B_zpsryvset47.jpg photo 2598C536-6764-4974-806B-FB952B9B78A7_zpskpx2ukea.jpg photo 083D54F7-C0E2-4682-B8EA-704D6EC92E6C_zps4k3qcbnw.jpg photo EB34807E-A217-4A04-97A3-A47E58C73704_zpsh3ohqoan.jpg photo B9D3597B-1909-4D29-BCE8-20A72B4CDB53_zpsegkicv0y.jpg photo 1B3B97B8-210F-423B-B606-FA5F5C2461DF_zpsfieyczd8.jpg

Storm Progression

Unless I am hanging out at my house with a book, a latte and no intentions of going anywhere, I’m not really a huge fan of storms. In the last couple of years I have gotten way too soaked on the many occasions of getting caught without an umbrella. This particular day, my obligations were all rescheduled due to the weather (there were tornado watches going on all over the place). I always think it is interesting how quickly the sky can change in a matter of minutes, so I pulled out my camera and shot through my bedroom window. photo IMGP0006_zps2df51723.jpg photo IMGP0011_zps12cca73b.jpg photo IMGP0008_zpsdbc60ca5.jpg photo da1338f5-5448-497b-98d0-36b34ec947dc_zps18ee01ba.jpg photo IMGP0019_zps24b30421.jpg photo IMGP0020_zps00778b37.jpg photo IMGP0031_zps9733d1c1.jpg photo IMGP0025_zps1bef7f42.jpg photo IMGP0033_zpsec028c86.jpg