Get Messy | 010

It’s autumn and I love it, all I can think about is perfect football weather and leaves changing colors.

 photo IMGP0004-001_zps57861fac.jpg I got pretty crazy with the gold sharpie but used no other supplies. And I loved the simplicity of just that little bit with a lovely sentiment from a favorite childhood book. Also, I can tell that I have been working on my handwriting, because it is getting better – faux calligraphy though? LOVE IT.
 photo IMGP0008-001_zpsc2fd9062.jpgFor the second page, I just drew a leaf. It started as a rough draft for an embellishment for the first page but then it got too big and I ended up finishing it instead. GOLD GOLD GOLD, I love you.
 photo IMGP0009-001_zps39ec2d1e.jpg

Get Messy is an art journal challenge where a gang of crafty vixens are sharing art journal pages we have created to practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We share our pages without restraint every week, and once a month we create around a prompt. Go check out these crazy talented ladies who are creating pages who each have a unique perspective and style. We will be sharing our work around social media so follow the hashtag #getmessyartjournal.

4 thoughts on “Get Messy | 010

  1. I love my gold sharpie too. I once found metallic knock-offs in the Dollar Tree with so many colors. They worked great too. Im sad they don’t have them anymore. I think your handwriting is pretty. It will only improve the more you use it too. =]

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