Life Over Lattes

Last week, I had to be at work early to learn how order new products. I went in at 7:30, instead of my typical 11. I loved it and can I just say that I was made for mornings?! I’ve basically been a morning person since I can remember, with a few rough patches during the high school years. It sounds crazy, but I come from a morning family.

One of my favorite memories is spending the night at my grandparents house. My Grandpa would get up so early to go to breakfast and he would always step on the creaky part of the floor to wake me up when he walked by my room. I would get up and go with him. We would share an omelet with cheese and ham and he would have his coffee. We’d talk and talk. When we got home, he would read the newspaper on the couch and I’d head back to bed for another hour. He’d call it “nap A”.

So, yesterday I woke up early and got productive. I have been working on some photo editing for my uncle and really needed to get those finished along with crank out some blog posts for the week, which I’d already had ideas for. I was only there for about an hour and a half, but it’s amazing what you can do with no distractions (or CATS!) and a good iced chai.

I’ve been doing Liz’s Yes, This course again and it reminded me to be still and focus on my senses.

 photo A065204E-92D7-4E35-A1AB-CF00A37E803B_zpszflwirxu.jpg

 photo E3EFFF4D-2D92-4EE2-9E00-F37DC5CC4DE7_zps6cd5dyhu.jpg

 photo 3F3EA8D4-2405-4D85-9033-2017F49ADEB1_zpswtvljcts.jpg

 photo A3B369A9-632F-44F4-9408-3AB6511DB65F.png_zpshgorndse.jpeg

 photo 585026CE-EE16-4004-A1AB-5645C7A53177_zpsmx6qk84p.jpg

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