Weekend Wrap Up

Sundays have quickly turned into my favorite day of the week. Since I started working full time I have come to understand the hype about weekends. In college, weekends meant a lot of catching up on homework and studying for the next week’s tests. Don’t get me wrong, they were good, but now they are just  t h a t  much better.

I am thankful for that – relaxing weekends.

 photo 4318B76A-F1A5-4826-BB03-E227DA72D6C6_zpslzf6mimf.jpg

I am thankful for this sneak peek of our engagement pictures (and deciding to go with cspeck Photography for our wedding)!

 photo 63D82926-B721-4433-A6C6-24C9D21AFFFC_zps3bcsacqo.jpg

I am thankful for random week days at home and this sweet old puppy.

I am thankful for a mid-week lunch date with my Momma and Denise.

 photo 50D6D70D-ECEF-492E-8739-9A4EA6779F1A_zps1ywy6chr.jpg

I am thankful for sweet bridesmaids who picked out dresses for the wedding and then chatted over lunch. And for a Momma who drove all the way here to spend the morning with us.

 photo 1DF0F7A3-6295-498C-AE69-DCDEE1C97AF0_zpstx3j8fay.jpg

I am thankful for a fiancé who says, “I know which one you will like!” about the many decorated guitars at Roots N Blues!

 photo ECE7B2B8-7D49-46B5-89D2-96F080A9790F_zpssgeuhmho.jpg

I am thankful for new music, free popcorn, and the best company.

 photo A419C304-5057-4C30-9B39-1E10D902F7C5_zpsqz5eerls.jpg

I am thankful that my beautiful MOH stuck around for Roots N Blues and then joined us for part of the Mizzou game (after the dress appointment).

 photo 35A515EC-8677-475D-9C0C-1E955C349D44_zpskjgahjgl.jpg

I am thankful for Kevin and our “cliche” church and errand filled Sunday.

 photo 4C18AB5B-A3F7-454C-8207-52986A1B4C89_zpsnfat0y0p.jpg

I am thankful for shared lunches.

 photo F0EDD46D-452F-4D3B-AA11-674E27B4CA96_zps2oy5ax3i.jpg
I am thankful for worship music on vinyl.
And as always, I’m thankful that you’re here, reading this post.


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