Plant Life Update + Flower Power Review

I told you it was coming.

 photo 45FAE8B0-6C0D-459D-A2A2-FE331E2D5FCC_zpsarwidogo.jpgAfter some pretty intense repotting of many plants (and being on my to-do list for a good six months), it’s finally done and looking oh-so spiffy. I mean, everything is in the middle of the pot again and all the over grown-ness is no more!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosPhotobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosThey are all growing like weeds, thanks to the new soil I put in the pots. Which means I’m probably going to be repotting again soon. And I found out that I’m supposed to be using fertilizer more regularly, so we’ll see what happens.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosPhotobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosI also got a neat new plant toy for my birthday from Kevin. It is probably one of the most unique devices and it’s one of those you-don’t-know-you-need-it-until-you-have-it, kinda things.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosIt’s called a flower power and it helps me know how often to water, fertilize, put in the sun, etc. I chose a low-maintenance plant at first just to try it out and I’m totally loving it! Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosThis little guy just sends info to my phone and then it puts commands into my to-do list so that I know if it’s time to water or fertilize! This is going to come in handy next year when I am planting veggies! photo 6269058A-B721-45B0-A950-EDD6CA808506_zpszc99inrc.png The app shows your plant’s stats in real time, so you can see the water decreasing as the time from the last water increases. That way, you can anticipate a watering time even if you won’t be home a few days. The only downside is that the Bluetooth connection can only be made when you are within a certain range, which means that you cannot get updates on your plant when you aren’t at home. Even though this is a fairly new product, I would totally recommend it to the experienced planter and the novice and with new updates all the time, it just keeps getting better!

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