Life Over Lattes

The more that I complete each weeks pages for Get Messy, the more that I realize how apparently important it is for me to have deadlines. I have that set up for myself as far as the Weekly Wrap Up posts goes, but other than that, nothing is getting done on my blog or otherwise. I have so many great ideas for blog posts, project life spreads and just to-do list items in general but I feel particularly bogged down by all of the things that I “have to” do and at the end of the day, I don’t end up doing any of them.

So, after listening to Elise’s August 20th podcast, I came to the conclusion that the only way I would sit down and write would be if I scheduled time during my week to do it, and thus, Life Over Lattes…with myself. Just for an hour and a half to get my brain figured out. I mean, what screams productivity like caffeine, coffee shop chatter, and sitting in the only spot left which happens to be right next to the beverage bar where every single person goes to add milk, sugar and whatever else to their frappachino. 

After I sat down, I started with the new planner that I got. It is Lilly Pulitzer and I love it because it has a month-by-month calendar both in the front and before the weekly pages. I dedicated the first section as my editorial calander. It is the perfect size to just write the title and to keep myself accountable for the number of times I blog each week. (Some people like it to be bigger, but I’m not keeping track of numbers or anything else.) I’ve been posting at about an average of 3x per week in August, but I’d really like to change that to four or maybe even five. 

As far as my to-do list, I knocked out a big one the other night with repotting all of my plants. I had been dreading it since it first showed up in my to-do list about 6 months ago, but when Kevin gave me my birthday gift, it gave me the perfect excuse to buy a huge bag of potting soil and actually use half of it. More on the new look soon.

As far as work, it’s going really well. I so enjoy talking to customers and interacting with the general public although many people seem to be completely clueless about the vitamins/supplements that they are actually taking which kind of scares me. With working both jobs, my schedule is kind of pressed for time – hence the need to sit down at a coffee shop to actually get a blog post written out. I will be very happy when I am finished at MizPub so that I can dedicate my mornings to running and photos and blog posts and other fun things.

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