Hello, 23!

A lot has changed since this post just a year ago. I’ve graduated, which of course means that school isn’t in session on my birthday this year (because I’ve always had school on my birthday) and instead I now have a big girl job. It kind of sounds terrible, but I’m over the moon thankful for it. Also, this year, I celebrated with my FIANCÉ, not my boyfriend. (Eeee!)

To say that this next year is going to be one of the best of my life, is probably an understatement but I also know that it will probably also be the fastest. So, instead of taking just one day to celebrate my birthday, we celebrated allllll week long.

On Tuesday, Emilia took me out to dinner and drinks at Coley’s! The food was amazing and it is always good to catch up with her! On Wednesday, Kevin and I celebrated at Flatbranch and The Roof. It was so much fun! The first picture is from the gift he bought me and I cannot wait to share more about that here whenever I get it up and running!
 photo B7EA19EA-D07F-48CF-906C-42DFEBB81CBF_zpsn9h37rix.jpg photo DCD99B2B-BBA1-4BDA-B231-A0E70D8A3F6B_zpsaxfjd3ky.jpg photo 66679201-BED4-4704-906B-167C8D4BF9ED_zpsarmznciv.jpg photo FE9E9CD2-7CA7-4083-8BCA-5CCA448812D0_zpsaeeelo5l.jpg

On Thursday, Eric made me steak, twice baked potatoes and salad. Then we went out for ice cream and to a record shop!
 photo 56406cb7-564e-47ef-bb79-a2d7796532fb_zps4d4949cb.png photo 085A6B1D-C340-4209-BE43-CE6186C77611_zpstygbg1z7.jpg photo ABC42283-F80E-4529-BA8B-85F609CBB492_zpsqutf4tgo.jpg photo 074FAD82-A0AA-4AFE-9B46-6AC2593FD7F7_zpsefagzeo8.jpg

We celebrated my birthday at home and this picture of me with my new camera mug is the only picture that I have!
 photo F7022AA7-6B1D-49B4-A075-C1CEBAF7BDAC_zpsr8yku3kb.jpg

Finally, we have 5 days until the first Mizzou game of the season and they are making some finishing touches to the stadium including this awesome sign.
 photo C6604092-F9E1-4658-A242-BFBE29400B3E_zpsjmckt6ic.jpg

Until my 24th birthday, my plan is to take 1 instax picture a week and post about it both here and on my instagram. Play along using the hashtag #52instax

Have a great week everyone!


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