Weekend Wrap Up

Wearing the exact same thing on Friday. Those shoes are my absolute favorite because I feel like I’m wearing slippers, so basically I’m trying to make them work with every outfit. photo 4507117E-9FD4-4C58-A9C0-67E1C782BCFD_zpsrtdltmhp.jpgSleeping in until 11:15am on Saturday, which I never do. Work must have worn me out this week. photo FAA0831A-E066-44DE-A544-0A97549FA1FE_zpsbvhnkn0q.jpgEating pizza and a cookie as big as my face. photo 18bfa5f2-ede1-4bb7-ba20-330111479228_zps2d360c48.jpgSwooning over these canisters and trying to decide how I can make them work in our future kitchen. photo e724fcb0-c7df-4267-978c-927a130f2c92_zps62e2d550.jpgPosing for selfies with this guy after church on Sunday. photo a5915174-a75f-403c-aea1-e0f2ae366b1b_zpse512a4ca.jpgAdmiring the sun and the way it peaks out from behind the clouds. photo 5A4D65E5-ECA4-479F-AFCD-F1DBABBDD5F4_zpsk0dxozed.jpgRelaxing while eating PB&Js in our PJs. HA!  photo 271101BC-CF49-4BDA-853A-434B348F9263_zps3kn7jtua.jpg

Driving to Jeff City to pick up a brand new couch and recliner for the guys’ living room.

Happy Monday! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thanks for reading.


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