Life Over Lattes

 photo 68C3CC9F-C10A-4FE6-BDE8-E3669188B879_zpslfmbwpkt.jpg

Yesterday, I got to enjoy some good quality time with my lovely BFF Taylor who recently moved back to her hometown. We had lived together for two years and been best friends for three, so I was super bummed when I couldn’t just walk across the hallway to talk to her.

She came in town on Thursday so that we could celebrate our new jobs with some of our friends! We had such a blast and stayed up until 3am. We somehow managed to get up about 3 hours later to get breakfast at Kaldi’s. We talked about new job plans, work clothes and wedding things. It’s so much different from conversations that we were having a few months ago!

I am so thankful for her and the way that our friendship has stayed the same despite living a bit farther away!

//This series was created as part of my journey with the word rooted. I really want to work on being intentional with the time I spend with friends. I want to focus on getting to know them on a deeper level, on loving them more, and working on being a better friend while I nourish some of the most precious friendships that I have ever had.

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