His + Hers

reading: photo 149117A9-D6F4-48FA-BFEC-F98B79BC5AD7_zps27evqral.jpgworking:

 photo 3B99E3C1-ED2B-477F-8006-3FA31121D64B_zps7setnsey.jpg

listening: photo 30ECD6D5-C050-4813-987B-BE1A95D57B1F_zps2gt3bbai.jpgcarrying: photo 9AAC855F-5398-40A8-B85E-216DD4219DE1_zpsv0ds84gg.jpgeating: photo 734792FB-EAC0-4AFE-A23B-73A8BFB863B8_zpsulked7qs.jpg

A few weeks ago, Elsie and Emma posted photos comparing some of their favorite things. I thought that it would be fun to do a less set up “his + hers” edition for Kevin and I to look back on in the future. It was fun for me to come up with a few categories and see Kevin get creative with it. This little post makes me smile so big and dream of a million more categories for us to photograph.


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