Weekend Wrap Up

It was wedding weekend for two of my closest friends! On Thursday I headed down to Springfield to celebrate! photo 45E05F61-1B16-49ED-999E-B5A19DAE1ADD_zpsnethmwxu.jpg photo 262438FC-AA57-459A-93E1-5C3B7BD031BD_zpsndjxpkiv.jpg photo 16057A64-EE59-4143-AD4C-13D458AD198C_zpsiivd0neq.jpgOn Friday, we went to this adorable little tea room that had the most amazing Reece’s Cheesecake. photo 17941DB9-8E25-46CB-A875-E1EF0C7248E4_zpsypwtdrue.jpg

A few photos from the wedding: photo CDCD936B-0074-417D-A297-15D807C74EF4_zpsozljsawd.jpg photo 9400436C-C9FB-471F-9FEA-BEE898FC289E_zpswbybwp94.jpg photo C8A32CB7-6644-435B-8934-E0E947DF36AF_zpsrg8ddzd8.jpg photo 2FBD160E-D986-4916-BF14-CC473137AD4C_zpsqclioqcu.jpg photo A217F4BD-017D-4AA3-9F6F-C4E3A0395DE8_zps8u1s69yv.jpg photo 554411D2-1DC1-4BEA-AD20-6D470CBA0004_zpszbm81gyu.jpg photo F1AB0A43-6804-4AF1-8900-EA5BA903E432_zpsszpovacw.jpgThe next day, we had breakfast at the lake, which included pancakes that were bigger than my face. photo 7546A7B2-C8BA-4908-9590-7940ACC0D5FB_zpsvbkvcfhi.jpg photo 2B6E383F-CBA7-4CF4-9743-4CABBEB05A7D_zpsp1ajcme2.jpgYay for weddings! Had so much fun celebrating Alex and Tony! Looking forward to a relaxing weekend and starting my new job! 


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