I Want You to Know

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lately, i’ve been thinking about the purpose of social media and my little blog. i read a lot of different things and have a hard time discerning why my real life isn’t like the lifestyle blogs of others. why does it seem like everything in their life is perfect? it isn’t because their lives are actually perfect. not at all. it’s because that is what they show you.
so i want you to know that this blog is a carefully compiled little version of my life. most blogs and social media outlets are.
i want you to know that despite what you see here, my life isn’t anywhere near this perfect but i’m totally happy with that.
i want you to know that for every good photograph, i take at least five crappy ones. many of my photoshoots go unposted.
i want you to know that I work hard to see the beauty in my life, especially when I’m having a bad day. i go out of my way to post cheerful pictures and words because these are the things that i want to remember, not the sad, hurtful, upsetting stuff.
i want you to know that sometimes (like mornings and at work) i have to live my life through the mantra, “fake it until you make it”. the more positive i pretend to be the more positive i actually am. it’s a process, but it’s working.
i want you to know that i take and edit more photos of myself than anyone else and you can guarantee that only the good ones are posted here.
i want you to know that being engaged and planning a wedding is glamorous, but planning for a marriage (and the rest of our lives) is actually where it’s at.
i want you to know that i get mad at God and throw temper tantrums like I’m five when i’m hangry.
i want you to know that i sometimes live with disregard for other people’s feelings if it means being honest or protecting my own heart.
i want you to know that i am a confident in myself and love my body, but sometimes life and peer pressure get in the way.
i want you to know that i’m thankful for the bad days, hard conversations, ugly in my life because it makes the good days, easy conversations, and beautiful things that much better.

but most of all, i want you to know that the whole version of your life is worth so much more than a comparison to the fractional lives you see on the blogs, facebook pages and instagram feeds of others.

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