Get Messy

I have a journal obsession. Which, I guess isn’t very surprising if you have checked out my blog before. photo 70C5BD25-A0A5-452A-AE8D-AF3FF8AD938D_zpsvymjske8.jpg I love using any type of media as long as it is ascetically appealing and gets the job done (ie. I share what’s going on in my brain and in my heart). Last week, I tried out calligraphy for the first time…even though I probably didn’t use the best paper for the job. photo DDF7C361-2B80-48F7-A609-F434E6D1F242_zpsjkycj1ae.jpgI journal about everything from things I like, to pictures with descriptions, to quotes to the random word vomit that comes from deep inside my head. photo 73210D7C-31F6-466A-BD6F-2918D7F522A4_zpsbcjtjvuh.jpg photo F7D1B068-E037-494B-A4D9-AA3D99848FFA_zps9whopyuv.jpgSometimes I journal by myself, and sometimes I have company. Having company is the best. photo EB9465AD-4E51-474C-8A4C-D2E58A3C6AD1_zpsptiecguj.jpg photo IMGP0007-001_zps62b0e024.jpgSometimes I try to draw and sometimes I just slap in my favorite pictures. I like to doodle and remind myself to slow down. photo 342fb61d-02d1-4bea-a1d7-c856731ad403_zpsd024f446.jpg

The coolest part of my obsession? I am starting a little adventure with some internet friends like Caylee and Lauren who participate in a Get Messy art journal challenge every week where I will start posting some different art journal pages on Thursday of each week! I’ll write a little blurb and be a lot more present on my instagram account. I am so excited to get started and I would love for you to join us! To see what I’m up to, click Get Messy art journal in the drop down menu under “Things I Blog About” and follow along!


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