Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend, I went home to have a mini-girl’s weekend with my Mom. David’s Bridal has been dying for me to pick up my dress, since the beginning of June, so we did that! It was crazy because when we ordered it, they said that it would take 3-4 months to come in and it ended up only taking 10 DAYS, i ‘ m   n o t   e v e n   k i d d i n g. I thought it was going to be a huge rush to find the right one and buy it so that we didn’t have to put a rush on the order, but turns out I have it in my possession and it’s ready to be altered! I cannot wait to actually wear it! photo 1CD9538E-A81D-4618-9379-3097C7479BD7_zpskvotpxsh.jpgI also found an amazing deal on these cool little instax books in various colors at Michael’s – for only $1.49! I have been stalking them online and have yet to find them for under $10, so when I saw this deal I was pumped and bought 8 (which was basically all they had in the colors I liked).  photo 73FD7D2D-3320-4EA9-9223-1F7FF15EB3CB_zpsxebl5iyb.jpgOn Saturday morning, we went for massages and it was pretty heavenly. This picture doesn’t really do it justice but I’d love to decorate our entire (future) house like a spa (everything really plush, neutral, and comfy) so that being at home is a relaxing getaway.  photo 88563842-5E0A-48B4-BDAC-8153621733FC_zpsrqoepsm2.jpgMom and I did a little shopping. I’ve been looking for big girl work clothes for a while…I’m so ready to move on from the college look. And we stopped for cookies! (Guess which one is mine!) photo CEEC28E2-C3E9-4F0B-BB88-F4645DEB9115_zps7uwpprym.jpgHere is the product of the shopping – three pair of work trousers, a nice pair of jeans, and two shirts for under $100. Both the Limited and Loft are having nice sales on these items right now. I super love their quality and fit, but normally not their prices. Sale items are definitely the way to go. photo 9E519C28-BCE9-4D2E-94FA-E59C69DEEF18_zps40diq8d1.jpgOn Sunday, we celebrated this lovely bride-to-be in St. Louis. SO pumped for their wedding and other festivities in less than two weeks! photo A99D44EE-EFFA-4338-93F5-6E0ADDC8FEF3_zpsds7cqbb9.jpgSince I’m obsessed with lighting, I had to grab this picture at the Country Club. The windows are so awesome. photo 50bcd13d-bcf8-4b37-a28e-11c19c7ee6ee_zpsd4ce74b2.pngAnnnnnnd…a sunset picture from last night. photo 5C52C469-DB77-43A6-89EE-0B79969A19D1_zpsnvqccdsp.jpg

Happy Monday, I hope you have a great week!

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