Weekend Wrap Up

It was a BIG weekend. Kevin finally decided that he is ready to eat Bread Co again after a four year hiatus (since he worked there through high school). I am pretty excited because I LOVE that place. I tried the new southwest flatbread and I only have good things to say about it. photo BAFE9BEC-7401-4127-A6EE-DC29D076C32F_zpsxl96ta9g.jpg photo 91507523-C63A-42D7-865E-9A1387493A07_zpsifselomv.jpgI also had plenty of time to do some journaling. I am obsessed with these, so I wanted to give magazine clippings a try. I am so pleased with how easy it was and how much I love the page. It’s weird having pictures of other people in there, but it looks visually interesting and is one less picture I have to figure out how to take of myself. I have a list going…which sounds weird, but there are a lot of techniques I want to try. Speaking of, I also finished up some photo editing using the program Gimp and I highly, highly recommend it if you’re like me and can’t afford photoshop…or just don’t like paying for it. photo 73210D7C-31F6-466A-BD6F-2918D7F522A4_zpsbcjtjvuh.jpgOn Sunday, I didn’t get out for a walk/run in the morning, thanks to a loooong to-do list. It rained Sunday afternoon and i was counting myself out of walking for the day, which I was totally bummed about because this fitbit has been kicking me back into a new daily physical activity routine. Around 8:30 it finally stopped raining and I took a chance on getting out there – I’m glad I did because I got to see a gorgeous sunset and lots of water droplets on the trees. photo B1BB0212-48FA-4B74-B9FA-4CC5472BC7C5_zps6mhsv3bf.jpgLastly, I have been hoarding this chocolate for a good month at this point. I had nibbled at it here and there and finally finished it this weekend. It feels like a big step for me. photo AB5DE96D-8BAD-4C01-8086-211A0C6E9789_zpsqjgctr53.jpg

I hope you all are having a fantastic week!

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