Hawaii Mini Book

 photo IMGP0005_zps3b6fe0f7.jpgBefore leaving for vacation, I thought a lot about how I wanted to save my memories from the trip. I have done various styles of mini books and albums over the past couple years and I knew that I wanted this to be more than just a spread in Project Life. When I vacationed to California, I did an album using project life cards where I took them with me and completed them throughout the trip. I decided that it was just too much and really wanted to just take photos and compile everything once I got home. I have seen a lot of different bloggers take a small pack of supplies but for this trip I didn’t think I would have that kind of down time. I’m trying to use up my stash, so before I left I went through and picked a variety of paper and embellishments that coordinated so that I could keep it in mind when photographing. So, here is what I came up with: photo IMGP0006_zps8a3bd8f1.jpgI am always a fan of handwriting as opposed to type for these kind of books even though I could have written a little nicer and a little straighter! photo IMGP0007_zps32aa8446.jpgThis was my first airplane ride being over 21, so I had to throw in the the wine picture. Definitely a game changer for the 8 hr flight. I saved boarding passes and the “heavy” tag that the airlines tied to the bag! photo IMGP0008_zpsb898af68.jpgThis was the first trip that I took my instax camera on and needless to say, I LOVED it. Not only was it just awesome to have pictures immediately, but it was a great conversation piece. I could not believe how many people stopped me or mentioned it! photo IMGP0009_zps12886cf8.jpgI grabbed a couple maps and circled/starred some of the places that we went in town. Good stuff, this map is particularly cool. photo 190f7e34-02e6-43c8-baf1-7556f947e864_zps7943ef28.jpgJust a little info about our hike…not as family friendly as we thought. I actually still have a bruise from falling! HA! photo IMGP0011_zpsbfea6fc6.jpg photo IMGP0012_zps3a800ed4.jpgI added this very plain envelope to hold all of the memorabilia that didn’t have a spot in the book. This way it is all in one place if I ever want to look at it.  photo IMGP0014_zpsa4b0432d.jpg photo IMGP0015_zps345e6560.jpgProbably my favorite page – I love how the paper bag gives it texture and sticks out on the top and bottom. photo IMGP0017_zps72a9c83e.jpgI found this printable from AnnMarieLoves and thought it would be the perfect thing to add. It’s like journaling with a script, which makes things a lot easier. photo IMGP0018_zpsc376b08a.jpg  photo IMGP0019_zps4816d0f3.jpgWe did some family pictures on the beach and I shared a little bit of why I always take pictures of my feet. photo IMGP0020_zps440c2052.jpg photo IMGP0021_zps0c08cd5e.jpgCinnamon roll for a cinnamon girl. It’s weird that these two things are complete unrelated, but I think they are cool together. photo IMGP0022_zps46aeab68.jpgInstead of throwing away instax where I’ve accidentally overexposed, I just grabbed a Slick Writer and wrote a quote on there.  photo IMGP0023_zps1958ba49.jpg

I really love how this mini book turned out! I’ve already started on a few more so that I can use up the rest of my stash!



For more inspiration check out a staycation mini book for Grandma, mini book turned art journal from the Find Your Voice workshop, and a very simple vacation book.



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