Weekend Wrap Up

The best three-day, holiday weekend. On Thursday I had a photoshoot and then Kevin and I headed down to the lake. We spent time relaxing, napping, eating and hanging out and it was just the best time.

For the Fourth, we went to Backwater Jack’s for dinner and we got lucky because a little gas station was also having fireworks right across the cove. It was the perfect view and they went on for a loooong time. This picture is also one of my favorites ever.

 photo A5F9790C-3D37-4023-8688-4ED2605AAF72_zpszeby5bja.png photo IMGP0008-002_zps1841c80a.jpgWe spent some time on the deck stalking this hummingbird so that I could get it’s picture while feeding the babies…but it didn’t happen. That’s ok because Kevin really enjoyed posing for the camera! photo IMGP0013-002_zps2dad1315.jpgI took my camera when we walked. This lens is my favorite. photo IMGP0017-001_zps8b1cb1f8.jpg photo IMGP0034-001_zpsc14d36ac.jpgOn Saturday, we went to Casa de Loco (more on that later). photo IMGP0049-001_zps4088e284.jpg photo IMGP0087-001_zps3c7b2402.jpg photo 4F15B312-9D1D-417F-B373-BBB7F6ED5506_zpszia2ww6v.jpg photo IMGP0156_zps8172df5c.jpgSunday we celebrated my brother’s 21st birthday! As you can tell, he was really enjoying himself. photo 957372D1-C9A5-4407-8BD6-D842929CE019_zpsximy8zps.jpgSo many good adventures this weekend.


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