photo ABFAD7EA-BA59-416D-B4F7-64FEF99C9033_zpskjxzzort.jpg
1. My body is still on Hawaii time (5 hours behind) and it’s making my mornings pretty rough. My favorite shoes are making things better today though.

2. I have approximately four projects and tons of wedding pamphlet/magazines/information scattered around my room so it basically looks like a bridal magazine and a craft store threw up. I don’t even hate it.

3. I almost always have over 10 tabs open on my computer, including now.


After writing this post, I decided that joining in on this little weekly series would be the perfect way to keep up the positive vibes and emotions from my selfie challenge. I’d love for you to join me by posting your Thursday3 on your blog or instagram!

///Thursday3 is a weekly photo challenge created by rukristin. All you have to do 1) snap a photo of yourself, 2) write down three things about your life right now, and 3) invite a few friends to play along!  “What started as reminder to take more photos of myself has since evolved into an incredible community of women who post selfies and tell our right-now stories.We are strong and beautiful because of our features, not despite our flaws.”



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