Self Portraiture

 photo 2978B652-1998-49DC-BB37-0D8375531F70_zps69grnwbk.jpg
See, doesn’t that sound a million times better than “selfie”? Over the last couple months, I have taken the challenge to take a photo of myself each day. I surprised myself by absolutely loving the project. I have been able to document so many exciting moments in my life with raw, real emotion. I love it and am so thankful for these moments.

 photo EF565F83-D43D-4B39-944C-57E4ED4ACAC2_zpsrdz3cd57.jpg

Being someone who is typically behind the camera rather than in front of it, I decided that I need to include myself more. My projects need to incorporate my perspective and my emotions. I’m already not the best at expressing them, so why not try something different? I have heard a lot of negative talk about selfies (which makes me a little weary to do them in public) and I think in general they have a negative connotation stemming from people who post selfies on facebook every single day. But you know what I have also noticed? These selfies come along with captions that talk about loving themselves, loving how God made them, and general positivity about their lives. These people are beautiful and they know it. I love that.

 photo 45DA3171-72AB-4DEE-B940-DBA2DFFF6813_zpsehtlgnjt.jpg

As I did this challenge, I began to analyze the things that were truly making me happy and the things that made me feel negative towards myself. I learned that I love the way that God created me because I am unique and exactly how He wanted me to be. He knows that I’m sassy, stubborn and self-confident to a fault. But He also knows that I try hard to be more like Him every day. So here I am making big gains from a simple little photo project.

 photo 2118CD50-7B70-46F8-AAB9-05E687CD8745_zpsig2rhmgn.jpgAs I look back at these photos, I realize how “me” they are. Glimpses of my daily life that would never have been captured if someone else were behind the camera – my photographic voice, if you will. It gives you my perspective of my life and the things (and people) that mean the world to me.


Here are some of my favorite “SELFIE” posts that I have come across in the past couple of months. I have been so inspired and I hope you are too!

Ronnie’s unique perspective on taking self portraits | Real Beauty Talks – women and their stories | A raw conversation about beauty | Alessia’s 30 days of selfies | rukristin’s new Thursday3 challenge

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