photo IMG_2314_zps6b75c325.jpgThis vacation was too perfect.

We relaxed on the beach. photo IMG_2185_zps90490564.jpg
We hiked.
 photo IMG_2320_zps903ba6e6.jpg photo IMG_2343_zpsef0cc403.jpg
We watched the sunrise.
 photo IMGP0038-002_zpsd7157bb5.jpg
We went to a Luau.
 photo IMG_2351_zps76fd7e93.jpg photo IMG_2369_zpsdceef988.jpg
We watched the sunset.
 photo IMG_2388_zps6af00568.jpg
We ate.
 photo IMG_2464_zps8ac58528.jpg
We sampled chocolate at the Manoa Chocolate Factory.
 photo IMG_2466_zpse632e6f1.jpg photo IMG_2479_zps391947c4.jpg
We enjoyed family time and took a couple family pictures.
 photo IMGP0077-001_zpsecae33fd.jpg
We flew home.
 photo IMG_2507_zps20f4d9d6.jpg
These few pictures hardly do justice to the beauty of the island. Of course we did more fun things – my favorite was stand up paddle-boarding. I came within five feet of a sea turtle! We also walked up and down the beach a ton which gave us a little more room to try fresh fish tacos, Mai Tais and that huge cinnamon roll. I enjoyed taking tons of pictures with all of my cameras and helping my sweet little cousin paste a few instax into her scrapbook that she brought along. This is the good stuff.


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