Weekend Wrap Up

It’s taken me a while to post the last two weekend wrap ups. They are some of my favorite posts, but with every thing going on I have neglected to take as many photos as I normally would!

Two weekends ago: photo B77984A6-963A-4A58-A475-A310F045C80A_zps1rqtwjz8.jpg photo B55C7DBF-C95B-4788-BF68-D72C3C29CAC9_zpskdrwoebg.jpg
Probably one of my all-time favorite pictures!
 photo C257C8A2-6AFA-46A0-8489-986284953EA1_zpsotrmxub2.jpg photo 4598319F-6A73-4181-977E-741096A42F52_zpsyvwh8cmt.jpgWent to a bridal show…got some photo booth pictures taken and my hair done. photo AF7BD872-EDE9-4970-AAEB-37F5F6B0D18B_zps01vdlqxf.jpg photo F7D1B068-E037-494B-A4D9-AA3D99848FFA_zps9whopyuv.jpg

Last weekend:
 photo 6BD4660A-7E33-41A4-B0B2-C119AAE789CF_zpsylizfox4.jpg
A tree fell on our house…don’t worry we are all ok and very little damage was done!
 photo E1FFA055-2F7F-4EEF-B578-523F28A9F988_zpsaoeurj4t.jpg
David graduated HS and I was super nostalgic about seeing tons of teachers I had when I went to FHHS.

It has been busy busy busy around here! I hope you all are having a great week!

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