Weekend Wrap Up: The Most Amazing Weekend of my Life

By now, it seems like finals week and college are so far in the past that I can hardly remember the stress and pressure of doing well on finals and passing all of my classes. After the tests, I felt much better about it but still had plenty to do to prepare for the weekend. My close family was planning on coming up Friday to celebrate with me before I walked across the stage to graduate.

 photo IMGP0025-001_zpsa9f0c621.jpg photo IMGP0008-001_zpsfef08d70.jpg photo IMGP0013-001_zps8e3d024f.jpg photo IMGP0015-001_zps494630cc.jpg photo IMGP0018-001_zps66782c39.jpg photo IMGP0022-001_zps39f75478.jpg

My dad even came down to take some photos of me after receiving my folder. I’ll be honest, I’m really bitter about my folder because Kevin got a really nice padded one that actually holds the diploma…but I digress!

 photo IMGP0048-001_zps11360b35.jpg

Afterwards we had a few more pictures and cake!

 photo ECB91075-345B-4FF1-AFBB-7AB84E19EAF1_zpsmybjkwjf.jpg photo IMGP0053-001_zpsa5d522cc.jpg photo IMGP0055-001_zps457fb697.jpg photo IMGP0058-001_zpsf990f4d0.jpg photo IMGP0065-001_zps5f51a33b.jpg
(not really sure what is going on here)

The next day, I celebrated Taylor’s graduation with her! I knew this was going to be a weekend full of graduation stuff and I was so excited for all of my friends. After her little that afternoon, Kevin and I went to Boonville for what I thought was a quick drink to celebrate our graduations. But man was I so wrong.

That evening, Kevin PROPOSED! I had no idea that it was going to happen this soon, but of course, I was (and still am!) ecstatic! We celebrated with a bottle of my favorite wine and a while later we called our parents. We decided to keep it pretty secret so that we could surprise our grandmas in the morning when they came up to see Kevin graduate. Everyone was so excited.
 photo 2459790B-7177-4DC5-A199-FD6B2F728590_zpscwbllqgw.jpg (We also had our friend, Casey take a couple photos the night of! This is one of my favorites.)

The next day, we surprised our Grandmas and celebrated Kevin’s graduation!
 photo IMGP0006-001_zps47cd658d.jpg
(see look at that nice padded diploma cover)
 photo IMGP0008-001_zps1bbafb2b.jpg
(showing off the bling)

We drove home Sunday night and celebrated! Love these two.
 photo 9AC8942F-63DD-4BDA-BBEF-117BABB72DB4_zpsbyw4h7l1.jpgWe had to get a few with both of us with our cap and gown.
 photo IMGP0012-001_zps1c356539.jpgAnd then of course…
 photo DD60FACE-294F-4472-8A00-B2EB149C25D1_zpsqqerhg3d.jpg

Wow, this weekend was the best one. I can hardly believe that I am engaged to the man of my dreams!

We are so overwhelmed with all of the sweet comments, texts and excited screams. Thank you.

PS: here is his blog post!


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