Senior Send Off

One thing that I will cherish from my time at Mizzou are the traditions that we celebrate. From MIZ chants to kissing the 50 at Faurot, I can say that I have participated in quite a few of them. One of my favorite ones begins before freshman year and ends after our last class as seniors.  All of the freshman run through the columns toward Jesse Hall signifying their entrance into Mizzou. As seniors, we get to run back through away from Jesse Hall signifying us entering the real world and becoming alumni. On Friday, we did just that.  photo 460E2518-B553-4F13-B6BE-1DAA32AD904B_zps1fchaheg.jpg photo IMGP0002_zpse2d0f9e8.jpg photo IMGP0004_zps17db6d27.jpg photo IMGP0007_zpse88ba7a3.jpg photo IMGP0010_zpse30ceff5.jpg photo IMGP0013_zps1a40f8df.jpgAfterwards, we got a celebratory beer. Everyone jokes about their $60,000 “free” beer that they worked so hard for. photo IMGP0016_zpscaf8ef25.jpg photo IMGP0018_zps48bf7af7.jpg photo IMGP0023_zpsc7b4cd3c.jpg photo IMGP0027_zps0ab66ac9.jpg photo 89ccdef9-4bd4-4f5d-839f-7ab0ff61d082_zpsb7a943ba.jpg photo IMGP0033_zps4439ecc8.jpgLOL at giving my camera to a rando…so not in focus but ALUMNI! photo A44349EE-2474-4438-9A0D-2EF992E8FBA7_zpsddunsh2a.jpg photo IMGP0045_zps30112ff0.jpg photo ACA71C64-0B4F-4BE8-A337-4C3BB42A5D4D_zpsrtxxfxyy.jpg
Kevin and I freshman year
 photo 6F8E4496-3B31-4179-8B95-274497D08F1F_zpsud4thh67.png
Kevin and I senior year
 photo IMGP0048_zps3038609a.jpg

This post makes me realize how many amazing friends that I have made in these four very short years at Mizzou. I look at the photos from freshman year and now and realize how much that I have grown in every aspect of my life and how many amazing friends I have made. I am so thankful for every single moment of these four years.

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