Weekend Wrap Up: Senses of Boonville

I thoroughly enjoyed this crazy busy weekend. The highlight, for sure, was a date night with Kevin in Boonville.

 photo IMGP0214_zpsb29c8ea7.jpg

 photo IMG_1618_zps046d97d5.jpg
 photo IMGP0132_zps91fd2ee3.jpg
 photo IMG_1628_zps657aa12d.jpg
 photo IMGP0141_zps1d48c654.jpg
 photo IMGP0154_zps6773ad61.jpg
 photo IMGP0229_zps59a44764.jpg
 photo IMGP0191_zpsc30c589c.jpg

PS: you should read Kevin’s blog for his take on the weekend!

PPS: I have been reading Inner Excavation by Liz Lamoreux and that is where I got the idea to post about my senses. I’m hoping to include this practice more often.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up: Senses of Boonville

  1. Im so thankful you take pics & write about your weekends- will be nice when I’m in Chicago to read about your adventures! Love the photos in this one!

    • I was just thinking about this today for some reason. It’s all coming full circle since I originally started blogging when I moved away from home. I’m kind of in denial that college being over is a thing…

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