Life Over Lattes: VB Edition

Saying that Brittany and I like VB Chocolate Bar might be the understatement of the year. If you have been reading along for a while, you might remember our last trip to this cozy little cafe in my hometown. We went last year during the weekend that we went home for my birthday. So, this year, when Brittany came to my house we knew we wanted to try to sneak time in to go back. We both had intentions of getting the exact same thing as before, but last minute I changed my order to iced and she decided to try something new. I have to say, this is one of my favorite chai lattes ever!  photo CC616939-BEB0-4D14-B505-BDB1E73C7A85_zpsfzltjjd8.jpg photo 3B53C31A-3A2E-4231-B157-15BB6354696E_zpsrhpfepiq.jpgAnother reason why I just love this place is because the table makes the perfect photo background. The wood of the tables is pretty vintage looking and each table has four nonidentical matching chairs (all different chairs, painted the same way) for my aesthetic pleasure, not to mention the mason jar-like glasses-ware.   photo 54B0039D-30DC-4919-A354-8E33DE658DE4_zps4wvqmgel.jpg photo 7B47E855-7F71-4D6A-9C0E-98DF6D0FAB79_zpsxlqknkf6.jpgWhile we were there, we chatted and discussed Ephesians 6, the Bible Study chapter that we had both missed the day before. Love this.  photo E8E42A90-AD75-4667-8042-7EC11A1CE779_zpszyitgr8c.jpg photo 576C621B-C883-461C-9784-DA24557AD696_zpsztvaeyfx.jpgBrittany also bought this amazing enormous smore that was dipped in chocolate. They had no knives, so she took to cutting it with a spoon, although to be honest you could have cut it with gardening shears and it still would have tasted amazing. NOM!

Glad that I got to spend extra time with this girl before she heads home to work on her MSW! I am so thankful for her friendship and every single talk that we have had over these past three years. Keep working hard, friend, I am so proud of you!


One thought on “Life Over Lattes: VB Edition

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    A wonderful write up by my wonderful friend, Jacqueline, about our favorite coffee hang out in the suburbs of St. Louis! I know on trips back to Missouri, I’ll be hitting this place up :) Thanks for the read Jacqueline!

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