Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was full of the good stuff. I think this is the first time that I’m actually realizing how soon graduation is. I guess I’ve realized it but time is just not slowing down (what else is new these days?). I always felt like time went so slow through elementary and middle school but it’s been picking up ever since and now the days are just flying by.


My brand new glasses arrived in the mail on Saturday and I spent the entire weekend wearing them!  photo B9C0A361-0154-4600-9728-9FC156FE41FC_zpsi49wf7ch.jpg
This is a photo of me and some Phi Lambs at the BYX Island Party. I don’t know if you can tell, but it was raining and we were all huddled under an awning. Not even mad about the mess that became my hair because I love these people. photo 94D822FC-64D3-4273-84E3-5E3D6D398635_zpsxv5zp9ch.jpgI hung out with Kevin, Brock, Bennet and Josh after. I just adore this picture of Kevin.  photo b12eac6b-cbb9-46bf-a1b4-6871b01299d1_zps34a0117b.jpgSaturday night we celebrated Kassandra’s 21st birthday by eating Shakespeare’s for dinner and then hanging out on the patio at Harpo’s! This was my first time being there when it wasn’t for lunch/dinner and it was definitely a different experience. Glad I can say that I went before graduation. This picture is falling apart, but I like it a ton. photo E47E48F8-05FF-4AD1-BE5C-526626196737_zpsrjeydckk.jpgBrock and I!
 photo D25D7761-B24F-4400-BA93-F6C8D989BAFD_zps61lvxo7d.jpg

I have no idea why Kevin is playing the piano, but this is the only picture that I have of the birthday girl.  photo AEB54027-9552-4C4A-B70F-772629ECF8D3_zpsijfuqbaa.jpgKevin and I after church on Sunday! photo B21E4A2F-2569-4827-A5B6-60C8513FF922_zpsnmwocrnm.jpg

On Sunday night, I became a Phi Lamb alum! I think this is what caused me to feel like graduation is so soon!  photo 41C56813-810D-43A3-8D19-1A8EF5492461_zpsimxeanr9.jpgMe and my big/BFF/roomie after our last meeting! Thankful for this girl.
 photo 27666AC1-092F-460A-B928-A2EC34430532_zpsvxoo5wb4.jpg
Linnea and I!
 photo 74296912-34CB-402D-82A0-3BA58E4ECD32_zps7dbtrado.jpg
Lauren, Taylor, Chantel and I (right to left).
 photo 6778C889-5FA7-4E8A-9E1F-D502C9F6D70E_zpsuhbrsrmb.jpg
The big phi lamb group. Love these wonderful ladies. photo 611A136B-0939-4CF2-936A-E3E1CA4E6621_zpspqgyfzod.jpg
Only 17 days until I graduate college! How crazy is that?!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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