And the Winner is…

A few weeks ago, I wrote about getting new glasses and I asked you all to help me decide which pair to choose. Right from the beginning, I had my favorites and I was really hoping that you all would agree with me.

 photo B9C0A361-0154-4600-9728-9FC156FE41FC_zpsi49wf7ch.jpg

The vote breakdown looked like this:

#1: 8 votes
 photo IMGP0007-001_ONE_zps05774797.jpg

#2: 11 votes
 photo IMGP0011-001_TWO_zps980e8de9.jpg

#3: 0 votes (…ha)
 photo IMGP0013-001_THREE_zps7cece0c5.jpg

#4: 10 votes
 photo IMGP0017_FOUR_zps1ad5ac87.jpg

#5: 9 votes
 photo IMGP0024_FIVE_zpsbab73f01.jpg


Of the 4 pairs that were actually in the running, it was pretty evenly spread! Ever since I got glasses in middle school, I have had ones that looked like #4. I choose those to be part of my five because I knew that I was going to like them, even though they weren’t exactly the style I was looking for. So, I decided to go with my favorite (and the majority vote)…pair #2! Here are a couple selfies.
 photo 532B770E-3295-476F-8C38-B3F05F3E1D3A_zpsijdunyus.jpg
 photo B21E4A2F-2569-4827-A5B6-60C8513FF922_zpsnmwocrnm.jpg

Thanks to everyone who voted! I am so thankful for your opinions and I hope you don’t hate me if I didn’t choose the pair that you liked the best!

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