Yes to Ice Cream

Yes to ice cream. Yes to joy. Yes to the Fountain on Locust.
 photo IMGP0362_zps119f81ee.jpg photo IMGP0365_zpsdd8ee29f.jpg photo IMGP0366_zpsd9b6b71b.jpg photo IMGP0373_zpse73ab51f.jpg photo IMGP0375_zps01f2390b.jpg photo IMGP0379_zpsf53411d1.jpg

This day was so great – I did two sets of senior photos and then we sat down for some delicious ice cream (I don’t discriminate or know the difference between frozen yogurt, custard, ice cream, whatever). Kevin saw the “joy” and took the above picture (my bad for having on the tele lens). Even though joy was my word for last year, I think I will always feel some connection towards it. It made a huge impact on my life, so I still look for joy everywhere I go. I am thankful for the number of photos our feet have been in together. I’m sure that I could make an entire album full of them, and one day, I probably will. The ice cream was amazing and Kevin encouraged me to get that tiny cone in the last picture, because it was so cute. Also, this place is apparently known for their restroom decor. What a nifty place.

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