Storm Progression

Unless I am hanging out at my house with a book, a latte and no intentions of going anywhere, I’m not really a huge fan of storms. In the last couple of years I have gotten way too soaked on the many occasions of getting caught without an umbrella. This particular day, my obligations were all rescheduled due to the weather (there were tornado watches going on all over the place). I always think it is interesting how quickly the sky can change in a matter of minutes, so I pulled out my camera and shot through my bedroom window. photo IMGP0006_zps2df51723.jpg photo IMGP0011_zps12cca73b.jpg photo IMGP0008_zpsdbc60ca5.jpg photo da1338f5-5448-497b-98d0-36b34ec947dc_zps18ee01ba.jpg photo IMGP0019_zps24b30421.jpg photo IMGP0020_zps00778b37.jpg photo IMGP0031_zps9733d1c1.jpg photo IMGP0025_zps1bef7f42.jpg photo IMGP0033_zpsec028c86.jpg

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