Weekend Wrap Up

I went home this weekend to spend time taking some senior photos, relaxing and spending time with friends and family. I realized upon arriving, that I had packed rather poorly. I went to Target to remedy the issue and ended up buying this adorable floral shovel (for $3!!). I even took the photo outside so that I looked like I was using it…

 photo C01651AA-622E-4DBB-8FC5-DE274402BF83_zpsvemeqlts.jpgI was particularly happy to be outside with the 60 and 70 degree weather. My family has this adorable little tree that produces NOT SMELLY flowers (aaaaand we actually have some of the bradford pears too), but this one is so pretty. photo 885A8329-8F74-47DC-A767-862F4AF8A645_zpsc8jvr6ec.jpg photo 44E2B18D-92FD-40D5-ADB6-0817BEA0FD7C_zpsmfr3wcjn.jpgB, my Momma and I all went to the wineries on Friday afternoon where we sipped the best wine I’ve ever tasted. Really. photo 20FB1290-9561-4100-8749-13C24DE88486_zpsnd1qejc8.jpgBrittany and I spent some time at the VB Chocolate Cafe. We both got lattes, my fav. photo CC616939-BEB0-4D14-B505-BDB1E73C7A85_zpsfzltjjd8.jpgSaturday night we went back to Ballpark Village to watch Hollywood 5 play. It was really fun and we even got some free food out of the deal, although we did have to wait an hour and send back cold food.

 photo A41F2853-35DD-410A-A876-2A644B18D458_zpsa6fmtuj3.jpg

I hope you all had lovely weekends! Did you do anything fun?


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