Weekend Wrap Up

Weekends at home are particularly fun.
 photo 6C8C0667-9B29-4E4A-897E-889B57714766_zpsncfnlwr1.jpg

Laughed my butt off with my Momma at the Arch and Zoo while taking pictures of/with Flat Stanley. The concrete thing in this picture is supposed to be a seal…which was the whole reason we are holding him like that…
 photo 05457277-8549-437A-9E22-A5C122B5E7A6_zps4bqe7mft.png

Kevin and I went to his cousin’s wedding on Saturday. It was such a gorgeous day!

 photo 034B5B9F-2E7E-42EB-BE67-F237C719BFAE_zpsae0kzwgg.jpg

We also went to a St. Patrick’s Day parade with our families.

 photo 35DAF485-7A5C-4E2C-BD04-1E69F3DBC853_zpsrcjj2mqa.jpg

I am so thankful for this.

 photo 544C0594-3482-4C69-BD80-922581D641D0_zpsy6nzz25v.jpg photo A82974EA-6975-46AB-A67B-BCE22315EA0E_zpsm6sxlyiq.jpg

The night of the parade.

 photo 7EF5707C-AEA1-4ACC-9225-DB6D7E957798_zpsztrul9pi.jpg

Relaxing by the outside fire pit at the wineries with Kevin.

 photo CAD8583C-CA85-4BFD-BC95-E5EC220C9757_zpsowlndojm.jpg

Church sunlight.

 photo C6A49ECA-4D5B-4FDD-B24B-E16B13467924_zpsioz6enuh.jpg

Another trip to the greenhouse.

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