Life over Lattes

As always, I super enjoyed spending time with Tricia a few weeks ago when she came in town. I have missed her a ton since she left for clinicals. We both LOVE chai. Except that milk hates her, so she gets hers with soy.
 photo IMG_0635_zps1e4af4ad.jpg photo B6766497-9ECC-4777-BBC6-0CF97844C458_zpsmdeqxcux.jpg photo IMG_0632_zps918aa820.jpg

We tried to take pictures using my timer app and just about everyone in Starbucks was looking laughing at us. photo IMG_0660_zps570b845b.jpg

In the second picture she got self conscious about her broken cup so we had to move it for the third one.

Tricia, I am so thankful for your light-heartedness and generosity. I love the nights when we “study” in the living room and end up talking for multiple hours. During finals week. You have taught me so much on being intentional and trusting God with my time, among other things. Thank you for being an amazing role model and for spilling candle wax in our living room so that my paint mess would have company.


*This series was created as part of my journey with the word rooted. I really want to work on being intentional this semester with the time I spend with friends. I want to focus on getting to know them on a deeper level, on loving them more, and working on being a better friend while I nourish some of the most precious friendships that I have ever had.

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