The Greenhouse

 photo CE42D4F8-5824-4195-8455-D1EBA6D8212F_zpsr0dkbrwo.jpg photo E876189C-A0B1-4708-9874-053DFB3561A8_zpscvczozy1.jpg photo 24C88C4E-9E97-481E-A3AF-296939340493_zpslwyzmosz.jpg photo E1173A24-FEAC-4830-8313-E1CF637E5791_zpsgj4e4l3y.jpg photo 9B183048-F178-418D-86E2-314E5478EC47_zpsdnktlwrj.jpg photo E1FFB1CC-C186-4DEF-AB64-F63BEFEC96AD_zpsh7tw6l9l.jpg photo BCCB317F-D7F3-42F2-8BC8-A6897B49D5F9_zpssvifjoew.jpg photo 53F7CB54-50A3-4B11-90AC-4B8421FF2C7C_zpsigmrlwb7.jpg photo 84014C6D-87FE-4E75-865D-27DA43187734_zpsgr6lr9bn.jpg photo F8BC81B9-BAD2-402B-B60E-3B81AD5C5A1D_zps37xy6e7u.jpg photo 263466F5-8BDC-4303-8D8D-2D3620C55CFC_zpsmnuedbtl.jpg

Yes to exploring. Yes to finding new favorite places. Yes to succulents everywhere.

Today, I had a little extra time. Well…what’s new? I’m early to everything and today was no exception. 20 minutes early to be exact. I knew that there was a greenhouse attached to the building where I have class, so I decided to check it out. As I sign in with my name, major, and reason to visit, I notice that everyone else’s reason has been something along the lines of “research” or “for class”. Here I go writing a paragraph about how I have a class in this building and have always wanted to go inside but never felt like I had a legitimate reason but I really love succulents so I hope they have some. Whatever. So I go inside and happen upon my new favorite place – super warm and so many plants. There are five rooms, separated by the type of plant in each. The first, cacti and jade every where. I snap a couple pictures and move onto the next room. A pond and some taller trees with an adorable little bridge. I move on to a room that will probably be more flower-filled soon. There were some buds and a lot of green stuff that I couldn’t really figure out. Finally, in the next room, I find the gold mine of succulents. Almost all of the pictures are taken from that one room, I spent the majority of my time here. If you were counting, the last room had an orange tree and other garden looking plants. On my way out, I walked around the “succulent room” again and snapped some more pictures. I just love how they look in their little terracotta pots. I compare these to the little guys I have in my room…surprisingly smaller and way less overgrown. I was so excited that I actually looked up the cost to get my own greenhouse attached to my (future) home. I imagined what I would put in there and how I would bring a chair so that I could soak in all of the happy. This little 15 minute adventure completely made my day.

Yes to joy. Yes to adventure. Yes to these photos that continue to make me smile.


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