photo IMGP0019_zps5b622915.jpg

Yes to this moment. To painting. To photographing each moment.

I really do love painting. Mixing colors together and long swift brushstrokes make me happy. I love the way that adding one little detail changes the whole picture. It’s much like photography in a way. How lines and textures can make a huge difference. As I paint, I imagine what I would want to see through my lens. I think about how, in an ideal world, a picture would appear if I could move the flower tops to different stems or paint another color to the already flawless sunset. I get to work, snapping away in between each layer of paint. Documenting the changes and each new decision to add something else to the picture. Even the little things – the paint and water mixture as I clean my brush – fascinate me. I am always glad I stopped for a photo.

Yes to imperfection. To the process. To happiness.


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