Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was all about…

…celebrating Alex’s 21st birthday.

 photo 3C6608A5-F203-4386-8B8F-E3520B7DF51C_zpskqywsgtg.jpg photo D3FDF4C3-B953-4860-A6E8-4EE7A703FB92_zps0dm0opne.jpg

staying home because of the expected snow.


 photo A4ADD2AE-2F62-4372-928E-708A845A8731_zpsnmoulbrt.jpg

eating BBC II with Momma, Eric and Kevin.

 photo E59DB7E2-BFD0-4F4C-8362-BEB76DB0AF75_zps0wnmarzq.jpg photo IMGP0003_zps3035f0f4.jpg

laughing, painting and totally enjoying Mom’s day with Phi Lamb.

 photo 0315f3c5-4d47-4209-8848-4a53f5fd6782_zps45fbb0c4.jpg photo IMGP0013_zps88b23815.jpg photo IMGP0026_zps8fcdad30.jpg photo IMGP0029_zps1d0ddd04.jpg

watching the final episodes of House of Cards.

  photo 74A28149-DC43-40A1-9011-C1B4A6B032F4_zpsrkmuzany.jpg

checking off my personal nominations as I watch the Oscars.

This weekend was even better than I was expecting – I was so happy to have Momma up for Phi Lamb Mom’s Day, Kevin in town and much less snow than what was expected. I hope you also had a lovely weekend.


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