DIY Light Box

 photo 52d510a9-11f8-4a55-b8e5-6c6cdaedba3a_zpsadc1f62b.jpg

I realized the hype of light boxes a while back when I scoured the internet for clean photo backgrounds. Well a few weeks ago, I made one based on this DIY. I just found an old box, cut out the top and both sides with a box cutter and then glued tissue paper over the empty holes. I just used plain white card stock and lace fabric as a background. I’d like to get a piece of poster board to make it more uniform in the future, but this totally worked for now.

 photo c38dcd6b-25db-47f1-95e1-6b691a6a8895_zpsea3d9a34.jpg

I played around for a few hours and found that it worked best with my tripod and wireless shutter release.

 photo 33cb79d1-2e99-42f9-ada3-cafa2f1be922_zpsc0dd75fe.jpg

I think this will make for quite interesting photos, once I stop underexposing (letting in too little light).


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