Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was good.  This weekend was all about…

rolling windows down.

 photo D8E431C5-BF0F-46AD-94E1-ED05A9183841_zps2tjet2wq.jpghaving fun with these ladies at big/little reveal on Thursday night. photo EC488C09-4EE2-4198-BD98-35DF438FE1E9_zpsm3omdoau.jpgheading home for 24 hours…so worth it. photo 54F501C1-9DF8-473D-9F89-85C91081A51A_zpss7ecits8.jpg…celebrating Nana’s birthday and eating some amazing carrot cake. photo BFCEA634-9F02-4C77-9E5A-01C39E20195B_zpspafzbt1l.jpghanging out with friends. photo 6802D10E-27F0-4123-9BC1-612AAC6261DC_zpsj56wxiv3.png

…and as always, studying like it’s my job…which it kind of is. photo 8E8E1DC3-BC5A-41B9-8B06-3C1609C38937_zpst7gq89ei.jpg


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