Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was all about…

Getting pumped for Mizzou’s birthday and the #standforsam event. So proud of my school.
 photo FDFBA1EC-7595-444F-8D10-27FA2950A1C2_zpsomx8gr6d.jpg
Valentine’s Day Festivities:
Kevin sent me an e-giftcard for Starbucks telling me to treat myself.
 photo 8CC33BF7-840C-4E02-8313-A2DA85C2D3D7_zpsxvkoikd0.jpg
Cheesesteaks and cheesecakes (and sweet potato fries) for dinner.
 photo 52982FC4-1837-447B-9753-5E06CE71126F_zpsput1izgx.jpg
We enjoyed watching House of Cards and now I’m hooked. I was so thankful for a relaxing night in for Valentine’s Day this year. :)
 photo 2C31BFE3-1F73-4586-9BEA-206094642065_zpsrud6its4.jpg
I went to the lake with Kevin and the boys + Denise and Scott on Saturday for a Pub Crawl at the Lake.
Here we are at the first place.
 photo 1779344D-4E23-4B0C-A651-D5C021623109_zpsn4b7jvml.jpg

Kevin and I on the bus.
 photo 9367790C-585A-4BCA-9694-43FC3E079A88_zpsmspvbtdu.jpg
The lake was frozen and so cool looking.
 photo 766A708F-7783-45E1-995E-1D2EC2170098_zpsdocc9x8h.jpg

I had a fantastic weekend, and I hope you did too!

As always, thanks for reading.



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