Weekend Wrap Up

Here are the photos I took from last weekend.

 photo 43225520-FC0E-4BED-9DF2-8EBA3C3544DC_zpsnovagp7f.jpg

Went home for a doctor’s appointment and managed to get a great picture of Kevin’s dog, but not my own.

 photo A1A2224F-B4F4-43EF-9E24-E93DFE7F6CC1_zpsgpifkapz.jpg

Got the chance to hang out with the lovely phi lamb pledges at pledge retreat on Friday night and Saturday morning.

 photo 30918EDB-25D8-4F6F-89E5-7B08C84D2A0D_zpseomxdsbg.jpg

Spent a LOT of time at Starbucks; I hung out with Tricia on Saturday and studied with Kevin on Sunday.

 photo 3C72ED43-2E27-484B-A0BC-C14D6F27EA90_zpsnpqxw0gd.jpg photo B04D4311-999E-4324-B187-BF79E09BEC46_zpsxne36r0m.jpg

Found out our prayer groups on Sunday – obviously Emily and I were pretty stoked.

Thanks for reading!

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