A Little Snow Day Love

Before there was even any snow on Monday night, we got the news that we would not be having school Tuesday due to anticipated road conditions and winter weather. I was surprised that they made the call so quickly considering how it has been handled in the past. Last year, they made the decision to call of school too late and many students had to stay in the unions until the streets were plowed and buses were running again. They say that before we were freshman, school had only been cancelled due to snow a few times. But since, it has been cancelled many other times. I have heard that we have been at Mizzou for 8 of 13 or 10 of 14 cancellations. Either way, I’d say that’s a pretty good ratio!

On Monday night, our new Chancellor put out a challenge to see who could make the best snowman that looks like him! Paige, Amye, Taylor and I got to it. I have to say that most of the snowman wasn’t created by me, but I did take the pictures (except the one of the four of us) so that’s gotta count for something, right?

 photo b5a54054-5261-4169-a071-746a8e6145ff_zps011d5857.png

Sadly, the powder-y snow kept this snowman from standing up!

 photo CF4BADAA-6EE4-4B8C-B853-A9777C6484B1_zpsnrftizcr.jpg photo 30948F7C-6AE5-44A9-BE0B-95BC13DD0871_zpsdppgnek9.jpg photo 365C541C-4C44-4AD5-AD2A-9E474F5962EC_zpsal8p9h0y.jpg photo 2E5CC2BD-2EAE-43B8-982F-A971A69BD2DE_zpsib41hjqj.jpg

Taylor and I also took turns shoveling the snow. At this point, we probably had about 6-7 inches and it was still coming down. photo 77DC2E5F-3A6A-4BA5-87B8-40029785EFF9_zps3m9h9iai.jpg photo IMGP0049_zpsa77449fd.jpg

I also had plenty of time to try out a new recipe: teriyaki chicken. I thought it was as good as hy-chi and probably much healthier, so watch out!

 photo F86D4285-5A07-427D-BDF4-20308ECC22DD_zpskianmqq1.jpg

Tuesday night, we heard via twitter that school would also be cancelled on Wednesday! I was pretty stoked about this because it meant skipping the class that I have to walk over a mile to. I stayed up late and enjoyed extra quiet time.

 photo C050AED0-87CC-4CBF-9563-4820AFBF0EE6_zpsnjblgvba.jpg photo F3DA856A-38DC-44D8-A8FD-F400DFD2187E_zpsax0z295k.jpg

It was beyond gorgeous yesterday – so glad I got to snap a few photos. The one below is where icicles had melted, dripped to the ground below and then re-frozen in spheres. It was the neatest thing.

 photo F4E7827A-C1D5-46AC-8DCB-2368879B5D82_zpsb7gesb8w.jpg

I think we got about a foot of snow altogether.

If you had a few days off, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.



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