Yes, This

Before last year, I had no idea what an e-course was or how to do it. AND…why in the world would I take a course when I’m already enrolled in 16 hours worth of courses for college. But then I found “Find My Voice” an amazing (and free) course that I participated in and learned a ton from last year. Through this course I learned so much about the types of writing I enjoy and I got to look through inspiration on the facebook group that was full of people also doing the course. There is a lot to be said for learning from others.

So, two days ago when I saw a 10-day (and also free) e-course by Liz Lamoreux called ‘Yes, This‘ I decided to jump on board. It started yesterday and goes until February 14th and is all about being here, now and focusing on joy each day. The way it works is that every day, an email from Liz pops into my inbox and then I get to read it and be inspired, and so far, I have been. On day one, she encouraged all of us to make a pin board and to take a deep breath at some point during the day.

I’m excited for this short, little journey and I think it would be awesome for more people to join in. Just go to Liz’s blog and type in your email address to start receiving the notes in your inbox. Also, if your interested, you can follow me on Instagram, i’ll be posting each day!

Here are some of the things that are inspiring me on pinterest:

Yes, This Banner | Adventers | The Sea | Make Time | Be Free | Breathe In | Be Here Now

One thought on “Yes, This

  1. Hi there..thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet’s nice meeting you here on the blog..your blog is beautiful..I was reading about your one little word..I think I will follow you on Instagram..I use that more than my blog..Bye for now ..Robin

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