Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was all about:

enjoying the last weekend of no homework and studying.

drinking margs from Cheddar’s.
 photo 4BD4320A-C9D0-48E0-9BEF-B70971C22D12_zpsho4666ow.jpg

playing water pong at BYX’s root beer kegger.

driving to Jeff City to get us some Chick-fil-a (totally worth the 30 minute drive).

 photo 6E9696D2-92B1-4EDA-A874-110D7237E42B_zpshoqu1yah.jpg
 photo 4DE3C145-E594-4C90-BC7D-8E253C6D45E7_zpshfvhey1o.jpg

watching a few of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve ever seen.
 photo 352B23DD-95C3-4A1F-9159-2C5E8B397D12_zpsxtqznsur.jpg
 photo 1bb903fa-9b23-4bdd-9ac5-25a734a333bb_zps3f80b928.jpg

eating breakfast with The Breakfast Club – Kevin, Brock, and Bennet.

(and freaking out that only 2 out of the 4 of us had actually seen the movie The Breakfast Club).
 photo C9E12C0C-2BD0-4910-A754-F2F7335336C9_zpsz9aux5wv.jpg

napping while the boys play xbox (lol at the intensity in this picture).

 photo A50D4ADF-3B4D-4DBA-8BA7-B3657994102E_zpsmzrbxewl.jpg

capturing my friends as they tell their proposal story.

 photo IMGP0008-001_zps81c2ed3a.jpg

and obviously, overusing parentheses lately.

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