Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was all about…

…celebrating our last weekend before school starts back up.

 photo 0675C68A-6E74-4F0F-B67D-9F431093B051_zpsw1nfywnw.jpg

…realizing that “normal” pictures are overrated.

 photo 79055FEC-550B-4B0A-B8B2-90E26AA10D17_zps4fxtzlqc.jpg

catching up with some of my favorite people.

 photo 733429DA-6D8B-47F9-95D6-F861C5CF4B0A_zpspc0ikte8.jpg

relaxing and watching football.

 photo 950F4F30-0D45-40BA-8A89-9EB8E70BAFDD_zpsjveuppmk.jpg

finding beauty everywhere.

 photo 03E74361-D327-48ED-B02E-D5AA5ED0A325_zpsyx4gkcph.jpg

capturing togetherness.

 photo 87DDC585-3D8E-415F-8CD2-2E18B28C0C76_zpsfbpqfbht.jpg

and silly kisses.

 photo c35e304f-f78e-46d0-83a3-51ba4d70c69a_zpse433654d.png

happiness that accompanies a new journal from my bff.

 photo 5255853E-3614-41C3-BF8D-16FA1EC6146C_zpsoeqdzvww.jpg


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