Weekend Wrap Up

this weekend was all about:

 photo E659ADFA-783C-4E8F-B5FF-3E98F7F3A537_zpsqheuaupn.jpg

enjoying my plants. notice that they are in front of my closet door…the shelf in my closet broke, so all my clothes are elsewhere. finally got around to putting that shelf up today and it was a HUGE pain. shout out to my dad for being on call during the whole process which included buying the brackets/drill bits and putting the darn thing back up. photo 93FEEF14-AE05-47E0-93D1-979085FACF66_zpsda8befa6.jpg

kevin got a fire pit for christmas, so we of course had to try it out! the flames looked awesome. photo 9D1EC9DF-FCA5-4D1D-97E6-79D8B502013A_zpsi5clb2xo.jpg

The boys playing NBA

 photo B0383AFB-73A3-40D0-AD1B-565EF6321ED3_zps3zv4apvk.jpg

on sunday it was 64 degrees and i took luca (tony’s dog) on a walk photo 2810471A-EF45-46BC-A51C-E6951FD7BDF9_zpsmetcjfkh.jpg

i have a million pictures of this tree.

 photo 271AB954-AD96-4DFD-89EE-2FDBDE2EFDB8_zpsjrnmr8kb.jpg

sunset on sunday.

last week before school starts…looking forward to my last semester. have a wonderful week.



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