Weekend Wrap Up

well, more like week wrap up.
January 1: Kevin and I enjoyed NYE with our folks, Brock, and Bennet.
 photo B0AECB60-5A61-48ED-928D-F12D9B048084_zpsetib0gns.jpg photo 92819248-EAEE-4468-AE76-72C31A3B6D30_zps5n5yla5q.jpg

January 2: I drove back to Columbia to work and two of my very best friends, Tony and Alex, got engaged!
January 3: Back at home, Sparky drank some water in my room. And Mizzou won the Cotton Bowl…booyah!
 photo F0F90DC7-9502-4C7B-8460-4E8339CB352D_zpsufnjhyxq.jpg
January 4: Kevin and I before George and Julie’s wedding.
 photo 006A7B0C-14D0-4C15-A93E-3043E3004BB7_zpsbrs0wmix.jpg
Didn’t get a picture with the bride and groom, but we had so much fun!
ANNNNNND, I got to hang out with this pretty lady. (Shout out to Katie for the photo!)
 photo Katie_zpsaf752be7.jpg
January 5: Kevin and I headed back to Columbia in a hurry, to miss the snow. I was supposed to work the next morning but it got cancelled because this:
 photo 18DD234F-E3D8-489A-8A88-777448D28F7D_zpstydvzvgy.jpg
January 5 & 6: I spent the next two days driving myself nuts in the house. It kills me not to be doing stuff – I’m such a busy body. But I did some at home work outs and yoga, but it never comes close to gym/outside workouts. Did I mention the temperatures are in the negatives? It’s crazy cold and I took this for fun…
 photo A6D19444-279A-4445-9735-18E3962E9AFD_zpsbz9ufpu6.jpg
I have to admit…the plants are looking a bit weird now that they are getting bigger. They don’t stand up straight and the bottoms are all bare. Anyone have any succulent tips?

This was super all over the place, but I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


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