Weekend Wrap Up

Ah yes, the weekend before finals…


watched multiple christmas movies before bed. and dirty dancing, one of my all-time favorites.

cheered on the missouri tigers with some of my favorite ladies.

worked on a take home test and practiced taping ankles.

enjoyed sleep.

woke up to our first snow of the season.

visited the Magic Tree with Tricia.

played with this sweet little puppy, Bernie.

 photo 461CF6FA-0569-4C65-8349-2FF6E637CA78_zpsuvsdyuzx.jpg photo C246DB9B-BBE2-4E94-8037-B70A21ACB80E_zpsq2xzuan4.jpg photo 49EC9AC7-9F1A-4FFF-B77D-91947FDDC8DD_zpsifmcgt6v.jpg photo F86EEF3B-0BF0-46D2-9E88-697C15C53DD5_zpszbfefgw8.jpg photo E0A932D2-31D7-49AB-BB54-3B8034EC0147_zpsaubbfxkr.jpg

Thanks for reading!


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